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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I pay rent?

You can pay rent online at, or mail to Address provided on lease agreement.

2. How do I pay rent online?

· Sign up on Cozy - when you sign a lease with us, we will ask for your e-mail address. With your permission, we will give that address to Cozy. Cozy will send you and invitation to setup an account.

· You will need to add a US-based checking account, credit card, or debit card before you can send payments through Cozy. 

· Set up payments -Once your payment account has been added, you will see the option to set up payments. 

3. Are pets allowed? 

We have a no pets policy. However, we will consider making exceptions with a substantial non-refundable pet fee for small animals.

4. Can I or a guest smoke in the house? 

No, our properties are nonsmoking.

5. Are appliances included? 

Most homes include a range and refrigerator. Tenant is expected to provide their own washer and dryer. 

6. Who is responsible for lawn maintenance? 

Tenants are responsible for mowing and weed eating the front and back lawns. Tenants are also responsible for trimming bushed and maintaining flower beds. The landlord will handle all tree and branch removal

7. Can you provide lawn maintenance? 

Lawn maintenance can be provided for a monthly fee upon tenant's request. 

8. What if a neighbor is not maintaining their property and it becomes unsightly or is creating an annoyance? 

Contact the Ardmore Planning Commission Code Enforcement at 580-223-3477.

9. Can I or a guest park in the yard? 

Parking in the yard is against city code and strictly prohibited.

10. Can I have a satellite dish put on the house? 

We request satellite dishes not be mounted to the exterior of the home. Installation of anything attached to the property must be approved by the property manager in advance. This includes: satellite dishes, TV cable, phone wires, fences, storage building, et 

11. Should I obtain Renters Insurance? 

We recommend you secure a renters insurance policy. Personal property is not covered by our property owners. Renters insurance is typically very affordable. Contact your agent for details. 

12. Can I paint the walls of my property? 

We do not allow any painting to be done on the interior or exterior of the home. We can provide touchup paint, upon request.